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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

'France Clidat: 'Ben Roels reinvents the music on stage and plays different when audience is present. The need of communication with the audience is always there, to share the emotion and the colors of the sound....'



Aldo Ciccolini: 'Pianist Ben Roels has no fear to present the Masterworks on stage and succeeds to forget the technical challenge during telling his musical story....'


              PIANO CONCERTOS 2024 - 2025

               Rachmaninov        Piano Concerto 2

               Liszt                         Piano Concerto 1

               Liszt                         Piano Concerto 2

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               Debussy . Chopin - Liszt 

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Rach 2 Ben Roels first recording - Ben Roels
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